Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Needak Rebounder Review

When you're looking to purchase a rebounder, there are many options out there. And a fairly large price range. It's hard to know which rebounder is  the best, or will be something that you can afford.

Myself personally, I’d go with the “Made In USA” Needak Rebounder. The others are all made in Asia. I have nothing against Asia or other countries, but,  I had already last summer committed myself to buying domestic (US/Canadian) products whenever the option existed. Simply because I got tired of having to throw away yet another piece of cheap garbage. Plus, I think it’s important to support local producers – especially if the quality of their product is superior to offshore producers – and quite often it is…. though not always.

Aside from the Needak being the only one that I can find that is not made in China/Taiwan, it is very well rated by users. Yes – I research EVERYTHING before I buy it. I will research an electric kettle! Drives just about everyone I know nuts.

In addition to being one of the better rebounder exercise, they are also on the lower end cost wise. And every Needak rebounder comes with a lifetime guarantee. So just in case something does break, replacement parts are easy to get, and free, and install on your own. And to sweeten the deal even more there is also a money back guarantee! So if you're unhappy with your rebounder, (highly unlikely) simply send it back for a full refund.

Top quality, low price, excellent customer service. How can you go wrong with a Needak rebounder?

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